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Why Doesn’t My Dog Listen To Me?

Question: How can I get my dog to listen to me? - Jen, Clifton Park, NY Answer: Speak the same language that your dog understands. They are very happy to do what it is that you ask of them if they understand what you are asking.

What is the Best Way to Use the Crate?

Question: What is the best way to use the crate to shape behavior while keeping it as a place of comfort and security for my dog. - Pam, Gansevoort NY Answer: The crate can be one of the most valuable tools for keeping your dog calm and relaxed.  First, we want to make sure that your [...]

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Barking?

Question: I don't know how to stop my dog from barking. How do you teach them not to bark at every little sound? - Lori, Greenfield Center Answer: What a great question! So often we get annoyed when our dogs are barking. It does not matter what the reason is. Redirecting their behavior is a [...]

Is Your Dog Being Spiteful?

Have you ever felt that your dog is behaving badly just to spite you? You find pee on the floor or the bed after you have recently taken them outside, they are barking at you, or taking objects that are off limits. Although it may feel this way, dogs are not spiteful creatures. There is [...]

To Lead Or Not To Lead…There Should Be No Question

Dogs will make dog decisions. Without the proper leadership from their owners they will make decisions that, in a dog’s world, make perfect sense. They will decide to jump on the person coming in the door to size them up before allowing them to enter their home, follow their nose and dig through the garbage [...]

Dogs Don’t Understand English

Can you imagine being in a country where both the language and customs are foreign? People trying to communicate with you and you have not even the foggiest idea what they are trying to say? If you think about it in these terms, this is how dogs operate on a daily basis. Dogs are our [...]

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