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How would you like to spend your days at work no longer worrying or feeling guilty about your dog that is home alone? At Doggy Playcare, you will be able to watch your dog run to our door with the excitement of knowing that their friends are on the other side. You will be able to rest easy that your dog will be playing and socializing all day long! There is both free and organized play that your dog will participate in. It does not matter the size of your dog, or what level of play your dog is used to.

At Playcare we make sure your dog is acclimated into a group that he/she will be happiest and most successful in. At the end of the day you will pick up one happy and incredibly tired dog!

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Some dogs come to our Saratoga Springs dog daycare every day, some a few times a week. We are a scheduled program and do ask that your dog come at least twice a week. Every dog is unique and we are happy to discuss the best play schedule for your dog’s needs, as well as your busy schedule, budget and life-style.

Our staff will invite you and your dog in for a meet & greet. It is important to us that your dog is happy in our environment. During this relaxed 20 minutes, we will tell you a little more about your dog’s playtime. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss what schedule works best for you.

Call 518-886-8876 to schedule a meet and greet today! We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

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What you need to know

In order to enroll your dog at Doggy Playcare, you must schedule a “meet & greet”. A short meeting will give you a chance to meet some of our staff and allow us to evaluate your dog’s temperament and play style. Once your dog passes our enrollment interview, they will be enrolled into the Playcare program. In order to schedule an enrollment interview, please call us at 518-886-8876.

Before you schedule an enrollment interview, please make sure you’ve read over our requirements to make sure your dog is eligible for enrollment. You will need to bring documentation of your dog’s vaccinations in order to enroll your dog at Playcare. More information about this can be found in the requirements section.

If you would like to get a head start on the enrollment process, you can download the forms below and bring them filled out to your enrollment interview. If you are only planning on bringing your dog for daycare, then you will not need to fill out the overnight registration form.

  • All dogs must be immunized, as determined by your vet, against the following diseases: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella. Every dog must be current on his or her vaccinations. Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination papers.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered at an age generally regarded to be appropriate by most veterinarians. Puppies who are not yet required to be spayed or neutered by their veterinarian are welcome to come to Playcare!
  • Each dog must be friendly with other dogs and able to be handled by our staff. This can be determined at the meet & greet interview, which requires an appointment.
  • All dogs must be healthy. No sick dogs will be allowed in the daycare. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, coughing or weeping eyes.
    • Doggy Playcare is open Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm; we close our doors between the hours of 12pm – 2pm for lunch and doggy nap time! Drop off is any time between 7am and 12pm. Dog pickup time is any time after 2pm and before 6pm. Dogs may not be picked up or dropped off between 12pm – 2pm.
    • We would appreciate that your dog be picked up no later than 6pm. If you’re going to be late, please make arrangements by calling. If we don’t hear from you, there will be a $20.00 charge for dogs picked up after 6pm.
    • Daycare is taxable. Daycare is $36.00 plus tax.
    • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for non-emergencies. There are often other clients looking for available daycare slots, so if you cancel with less than a 24-hour notice, we will not have a chance to fill your slot and you will be charged.
    • For the sake of safety and ease of handling, all dogs should come to daycare on a standard, NON-RETRACTABLE leash.
    • We like to feed your dog lunch. Please put your lunch or food in a baggy and label it with your dog’s name on it. Drop it in our basket on our receiving desk.
    • All dogs will be required to show proof of a clean fecal analysis, a GIARDIA test and a Bordetella vaccine from a veterinarian twice a year.
    • All Tick & Flea applications must be made at least 24 hours before your dog comes to daycare.