About Doggy Playcare, Located on Maple Avenue in Saratoga Springs, NY!

What is Doggy Playcare? Learn more about our indoor/outdoor daycare and training facility in which the dogs are cared for and supervised. With approximately 6000 square feet of fun space, Playcare dogs are allowed to play with other dogs and humans all day!

Meet Our Team

jody cracco doggy playcare

Jody Cracco
Owner and Playcare Trainer

Jody Cracco is the owner of Doggy Playcare and Training Center in Saratoga Springs NY.  She is a certified trainer with the IACP (International Association Of Canine Professionals) and a CGC Evaluator (Canine Good Citizens).  Jody has been involved with training and breeding Golden Retrievers for over 30 years.  She has dedicated her life to teaching people  that understanding their dog can be obtained naturally through communication, understanding and psychology, versus mechanics, fear and intimidation.

Kevin Powers
Head Pack Leader

My name is Kevin Powers. I’ve been working at Doggy Playcare for 5 years. I have had dogs my entire life. What I love about Playcare is that every dog that comes to our program ends up feeling like one of my own. Working with a pack is a unique opportunity to see a different side of dog behavior. Behaviors you don’t usually see when a dog is with their owner or alone. Another favorite part about working at Playcare is seeing how the dogs develop friendships. It is so rewarding to see a new dog, who on their first day, was too nervous to come into the center without their human, and by the second day they are charging in excited to play with their new friends. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensure that your dog has the best possible time when it’s their day to come to our Playcare program. I know everyone on our team shares the same passion!

Tyler Wood
Assistant Pack Leader

My name is Tyler Wood, and I have now been working at Doggy Playcare for a little bit over 2 years in total. I love animals so getting the opportunity to be around such amazing dogs each and every day is extremely fun. Every dog that comes through those gates every morning are amazing in their own special way. Building friendship with them, and treating every dog like your own has been one of my favorite things about working with the pack. I look forward to continuing to take care, and make sure the pack has the best time possible here at Playcare alongside our amazing team!

Lila DeLuke

Hello! My name is Lila. I love working with the dogs at Doggy Playcare and I enjoy seeing each dog’s own unique personality. My goal is to make every dog feel comfortable and at home with us. There’s no doubt these dogs are loved here at Playcare!

Teri Wood
Hi my name is Teri Wood. I have been working at Playcare for almost 7 months and I love it! I’ve had dogs my whole life and have learned some good tips for better communicating with my own dogs. I love that every dog is made to feel at home. The time is taken to make sure they are all comfortable and set up to have the best day ever…everyday! We have an awesome team and there for sure, is no shortage of love to go around for every dog that walks through the door!

Henry Rathner
Hey everyone! My name is Henry, I’m 21, and I’ve been at Doggy Playcare for about 2 weeks now. So far working with the dogs I’ve met has been very fulfilling and it feels good to earn the trust of certain dogs and be accepted into their little family. I hope to make a safe and happy environment for every dog that comes in and to learn more about dog training every day that I’m here!