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Doggy Playcare Testimonials

Read our Saratoga dog daycare and training testimonials and see what our clients have to say about Doggy Playcare!

“Enrolling my dog in Doggy Playcare was the best decision I could have made for his well-being and happiness. The dedicated staff is careful to set up appropriate “play groups” and takes care to make sure the dogs have a fun, safe, and stress-free day. My one year old Husky comes home happy, exhausted, and injury-free. He now knows the word “Auntie Jody” and “daycare” and eagerly awaits his days at the best PLAYcare around!”
– Otto’s mom

“We loved our training classes with Jody and Brittany! We benefitted from consistent practice and being around the other dogs in class. Jody and Brittany are friendly, knowledgeable and have a passion for working with dogs and their humans! We completed level 1 and level 2 with a better understanding of our “pack” and tools we can continue to use with both our dogs. Thank you!!”
– Caroline C.

“Doggy Playcare provides an extremely loving and caring environment. The BEST. I have used other doggy daycares and Doggy Playcare is like having extended family love your dog for the day. LOVE LOVE them!”
– Trang Camardello

“Bode loves it here, he knows when he hears the keys jangle on Tu/Th mornings that’s where he’s headed. He sleeps an extra four hours just to catch up on all the fun he has at Doggy Playcare!”
– Margaux H.

“Our labradoodle loves going to Doggy Playcare so much that as soon as we turn onto their road he starts yipping and whining as if to say, “Hurry, hurry, go faster!” He races right in, barking in joy to see his friends – human and furry alike. Our dog has always loved meeting and playing with other dogs, but I worried about bringing him to the dog park since he didn’t always recognize or understand the other dogs’ cues. Since our dog has been going to Doggy Playcare he has learned the social skills he needs while getting to romp and play in a safe environment. I never have to worry about another dog’s temperament or health issues. Besides other canine friends, Doggy Playcare has toys and activities to engage our young, highly energetic dog’s mental and physical needs. He comes home happily exhausted every time. ”
– Kari C, Artoo’s mom

“I am not sure I even have the right words to describe how important Doggy Playcare is in my family. Our dog, Pibbles, is a southern rescue dog who came to us with remarkable love for my family and a huge fear of pretty much everything else. I enrolled her in a local doggie daycare when my husband was away training with the military. I enjoyed that daycare and was sad when they closed their doors just a few months later. That is until I enrolled her in Doggy Playcare – what a fantastic place filled with people who really care about what they are doing. They have brought out the amazing dog we didn’t even know she could be; calm, secure, fun loving and balanced. I am so happy that things worked out the way they did and that we are lucky enough to be a part of Doggy Playcare. It’s not all about the dogs though, they care about the entire family and it shows. When I signed my dog up for Playcare my expectations were to provide my dog with stimulation and tire her out. What I got was so much more, an amazing new family who I am so thankful for.”
– Jaime and Matt

“For anyone in the area looking for a great place for your furry friend, this is it! I bring my dog three times a week and he loves it! Its clean, the staff is friendly and he has made so many friends. Best of all, I no longer feel guilty for working long hours and leaving him home alone. I highly recommend Doggy Playcare!”
– Brenda L.

“My husky has been going to Doggy Playcare for about 9 months. She is much calmer at home on her off days now. She also has more confidence being around other people and dogs. They take great care of the dogs and make it a safe, clean, fun place for them.”
– Elizabeth M.

“This is the most amazing place to bring your furry baby. I cannot say enough about the owner, Jody or all of the team she has. Look no further. You will not find a better place anywhere!”
– Patty Humphrey

“Best run doggy daycare in the area; hands down! Owner, Jody is a no nonsense professional with years of experience. Strict protocols are followed to ensure safety for all dogs and clients. Kevin is a pleasure to deal with on a daily basis and truly loves all the dogs in his care.”
– Stephen

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my Banks! Every single member of the staff is always so friendly and kind. As a dog mom, I am always so nervous to give banks over to someone else. Banks is so excited to go to daycare and play with his friends, he literally pulls me inside the door! You can tell this is not just a job for them and that they all genuinely love what they do. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. They are friendly, attentive, and kind. Banks gets excited to see every single one of them. I would never go to another place! I can confidently say banks will be attending this daycare indefinitely! I refer all of banks’ little friends he meets here!”
– Rachel Pratt

“Jody (at Doggy Playcare) is fantastic. I took my puppy to her Level 1 class, and highly recommend this place. (Having been a dog mom before, I have been to my share of dog schools.) Jody is super helpful, she understands how dogs think and act (and helps us humans to better understand our dogs). Jody has been available for me outside of class and has spent numerous phone calls helping me work through puppy issues. I really have appreciated it and we are looking forward to starting Level 2!”
– Kelly Madden

“The Playcare Training Program has also been fantastic. They are true professionals in knowing exactly what each dog requires. Not only have they taught Sierra and I to work together as a team, which has been a challenge, but have made the training fun while learning.” – Debbi Barton

“Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Rocco’s progress since he completed your 5 week Level One Playcare Training Program at our residence. Rocco is way less stressed, is liking his crate more, and is doing good with the training games that you taught him. He is listening to us and is actually staying in the yard and comes when we call him.   He still gets excited when we get company but is progressing with the yes game. Thanks again for all your help and willingness to answer any questions that we may have. ” – Linda Dwyer

“Jody and her team have been so loving, patient and knowledgeable in training our rescue pup. They have our dog’s and everyone in our class best interest at heart. I highly recommend you give them a try, learn how to communicate with your dog so she/he feels confident and loved.” – Gina S.

“We have a new puppy (Finn is about 4 months old now) and have had some issues with obedience and general puppy shenanigans – like most Covid puppy’s he’s grown pretty used to us being home and we’ve also had issues with separation. I was getting overwhelmed trying to work and handle him and decided it couldn’t hurt to do a zoom consult with Jody. Wow was it worth it, she answered all of our questions and then some. I even think doing it over zoom may have helped not hurt since she could see how he truly interacts with us. If she had been here he would have been crazy the whole time. She has answered questions beyond our consult and has been very supportive. She really has a great insight to dogs and has changed the way I interact with Finn. I’m so glad I called her and would 100% recommend!” – Lauren T.