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Doggy Playcare – Daycare FAQ’s

Some questions we find are asked more than others. Here’s a list of some of the most popular FAQ’s with our answers:

All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Males over six months must be neutered.

We ask that you come in for a meet and greet. Our meet and greets are about 20 minutes. This short meeting allows us to get acquainted with you and your dog. If your dog seems comfortable we will enroll him into our Playcare program. To get started, we will give you registration sheets and have you bring them back on your dog’s first day.

We have 3,000 sq ft. of outdoor play area.  We also have 1,800 sq ft. of indoor play area.  Outside we have tables, which the dogs LOVE!  We also have pools in the summer time along with tents to keep the dogs cool.

Your dog will be acclimated into a group based on the type of play your dog enjoys and his or her size.  All groups are supervised.  Our acclimation process depends on what your dog tells us.  Some dogs take longer to become comfortable than others.  At Doggy Playcare, every dog’s introduction is customized with the dog’s safety and comfort in mind.  When your dog is showing us that he or she wants to play, we introduce one dog at a time.  Your dog will be playing with the same group of dogs each time he or she comes to our program.  This ‘slow and right’ approach allows for a low stress environment.

It is very important to us that your dog feels at home at Doggy Playcare.  We will never force your dog to play if he or she is not ready.  It is rare that a dog takes more than a morning before he or she is asking to play.  If there is the least bit of nervousness, we wait!  Ensuring that your dog feels confident and comfortable, we would first introduce a calm and friendly dog as a playmate.  We encourage owners to call as many times as they would like to check on their dog’s progress.

Yes!  We ask that all dogs bring their lunch so they have something to snack on while they go in for their nap.

Our loft is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.  Your dog will sleep in a crate fitted to their size.  Someone from our staff sits with them for the two hours they are resting to insure they are comfortable and sleeping.  Often times we start off their nap time with a story while they are eating.  Music is always playing, mostly classical or country.

At Playcare we have 4 plans developed to ensure the proper care in each type of climate.  We are always rotating the dogs inside and outside.  While they are outside, the dogs continue to rotate to encourage proper and healthy play.

We always welcome tours on the weekend.  When your dog is with us, they come first.  To ensure they are feeling secure, we don’t allow anybody in the Playcare area that the dogs don’t know.

The Playcare program is similar to a nursery school program.  We do have scheduled days for your dogs so they are always playing with the same dogs.  This type of programming has proven very successful in keeping your dog’s stress level low.  We also have found that great friendships have been developed when the dogs come to Playcare on a regular basis.

Each day we photograph our Playcare dog’s and we post our pictures to Facebook. We want you to know who your dog’s friends are.

No, you do not have to bring your dog every day. We ask that you bring your dog at least twice a week. We have found that if everyone comes twice a week, or more, their energy level is manageable. It is our responsibility to make sure your dog is enjoying himself or herself while they are here.