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Playcare Success Story: Ricky


“It was about two months ago that Jesse and I adopted Ricky, a 40 pound hound/pit mix from the SPCA in Queensbury. All of the other dogs were going bonkers in their crates, doing back flips, barking and generally acting anxious. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and unsure of my decision to adopt a dog when I locked eyes with Rick, who was sitting dead still in his crate, staring straight into my eyes. It was like this movie moment for me and I thought ‘he’s the one, it’s true love, fate!’ I think he felt the same way because as soon as he joined us in the adoption room, he peed on us and humped Jesse.

Rick is the embodiment of dog. A dogs dog, if you will and we had absolutely no clue how to handle him. It felt miserable; the marking, the biting (play, but way too hard), knocking me over on the leash. I wasn’t sure we could handle it and we spent a few weeks agonizing over what to do when we found Jody.

With her training program, we quickly saw results. He became noticeably more comfortable with us, our guests and our home. By the end of the 5th lesson I was tearing up at how proud of him I was. With Jody’s help, you too will learn how to form a bond with your dog that will totally change your relationship for the better. My dog is amazing! I wanted to share our story because I want you to know that your dog, no matter how difficult he or she seems, is amazing too. Work with them, they will be so grateful!”

Caitlyn, Jesse & Ricky