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What is the Best Way to Use the Crate?

Question: What is the best way to use the crate to shape behavior while keeping it as a place of comfort and security for my dog.

– Pam, Gansevoort NY

Answer: The crate can be one of the most valuable tools for keeping your dog calm and relaxed.  First, we want to make sure that your dog likes the crate and feels comfortable in it.  If your dog likes the crate, please start to use it while you are home.  Putting your dog in his/her crate for a few minutes while you are home will help them get used to being in there comfortably. If you only put your dog in their crate when you leave or go to bed, they will always associate the crate with those specific uses. If your dog is not comfortable in a crate, stay tuned.  I will be addressing more on crate training. Watch video >