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Playcare Success Story: Hawk


PLEASE READ if you love your dog but Doggy behavior has made home/family life stressful. I have had dogs all my life. For forty years I have trained my dogs to be highly compatible within our home successfully teaching the expectations of a balanced household. Consistency, positive reinforcement, crate training, exercise and occasional verbal reprimand had all been a successful recipe for establishing a loving relationship with my dogs. And then Hawk came along…. at eight weeks old our third Bernese Mountain dog was an over-zealous, cute as heck puppy that we thought would calm down eventually. Picking up destroyed possessions, holes in walls, trying to contain him upon our country acres, controlling jumping behavior became a DAILY grind. Hawk kept showing signs of brilliance, learning quickly, often complying, never aggressive and wanting to please. The tipping point came when, at 80+ pounds, Hawk ran full tilt in to me from 60 feet a way nearly breaking my leg.

We are very committed to our dogs and for the first time I was fearful that I was going to fail in that commitment. Thankfully I found help from Jody Cracco and Doggy Playcare (DPC). Jody’s ability to address topics in multiple ways clearly and concisely, shaping lessons to meet individualized needs, skillfully providing hands on demonstrations while being kind and supportive makes each lesson highly beneficial and fun. The leadership that Hawk needed from me quickly developed and his behavior improved within a couple lessons. Jody has developed a consistent training program based on years of experience and education using positive interaction and fun.

I’ve talked at length with Jody about my dream of incorporating Hawk into my physical therapy practice serving folks with disabilities. I’m entirely confident that, with Jody’s help, Hawk and I can be successful. Whether this vision ever comes to fruition or not I wouldn’t trade this journey I am on with my boy Hawk for anything in the world!!! Thanks Jody and DPC.

Pam Duell