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Playcare Success Stories

Read our Saratoga dog training success stories and see how we have helped our clients improve and strengthen their relationship with their dogs!

Playcare Success Story: Ricky

"It was about two months ago that Jesse and I adopted Ricky, a 40 pound hound/pit mix from the SPCA in Queensbury. All of the other dogs were going bonkers in their crates, doing back flips, barking and generally acting anxious. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and unsure of my decision to adopt a [...]

Playcare Success Story: Bailey

I recently adopted a dog from the shelter in Corinth and 2-year-old Bailey is a wonderful addition to my home.   Bailey was very tentative and submissive and it became clear pretty much right away that I would need help with training her to become a more confident version of herself. This is where Jody Cracco, [...]

Playcare Success Story: Duke

While Duke has always been a playful and loving young dog, he often did not listen to simple commands such as stay and come. After only five private lessons with Jody the transformation in Duke's behavior was miraculous. Duke now comes when called in all situations, will sit quietly until released and no longer jumps [...]

Playcare Success Story: Hawk

PLEASE READ if you love your dog but Doggy behavior has made home/family life stressful. I have had dogs all my life. For forty years I have trained my dogs to be highly compatible within our home successfully teaching the expectations of a balanced household. Consistency, positive reinforcement, crate training, exercise and occasional verbal reprimand [...]

Playcare Success Story: Katrina and Joey

Earlier this year, our son Joey received a beautiful service dog named Katrina from Veteran’s Moving Forward, Inc. based in Virginia. Katrina was trained by VMF for a year and a half before matching her with Joey and his disability (traumatic brain injury, TBI). Since VMF was located in Virginia, they needed someone in the [...]

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