Doggy Playcare Daycare & Training Testimonials


“Teddy could not be more excited to go to Playcare! Each morning he is resting on the couch when we ask him “Teddy, go to Playcare, go see friends?” He leaps off the couch, sprints to the front door, jumps half way up the front door and bounces off with a huge smile on his face. You could say he likes it :)” – The Tietenberg Family

“My dog Cooper loves Doggy Playcare! Doesn’t hesitate to run inside every time. This nervous Aussie mix is completely socialized. Love Brittany & Alyssa too!” – Helen Mastrion

“Playcare – LOVE IT!” – Radka Dooley

“Playcare – Sierra has been going to Playcare Monday thru Friday since October 2015 when she was 12 weeks old. It has been such a rewarding experience for both Sierra and I. Jody and the staff are like family and treat Sierra with an abundance of love and excellence of care.”

“I highly recommend Doggy Playcare. It is a daycare facility you can leave your pet at and know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are in the best hands possible!” – Debbi Barton


“Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Rocco’s progress since he completed your 5 week Level One Playcare Training Program at our residence. Rocco is way less stressed, is liking his crate more, and is doing good with the training games that you taught him. He is listening to us and is actually staying in the yard and comes when we call him.   He still gets excited when we get company but is progressing with the yes game. Thanks again for all your help and willingness to answer any questions that we may have. ” – Linda Dwyer

“The Playcare Training Program has also been fantastic. They are true professionals in knowing exactly what each dog requires. Not only have they taught Sierra and I to work together as a team, which has been a challenge, but have made the training fun while learning.” – Debbi Barton