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Out Of The Mouth Of Briggs

Brigg’s Best Friend

When Briggs first came to us he chased our cats. We had to separate them for a long time. When I started playing The Name Game with Briggs I became more interesting than the cat. Now they are best friends.

It’s Been A While….

Oh my gosh…it’ been a while!  I’m not sure about yours, but the past two months were crazy in my house! Let me tell you about it.  My dad has been home with me and I LOVE HIM!  Before Thanksgiving my house was so quiet.  It was just me and my dad walks and doing projects [...]

Something Is Different

I love my brother Colby.  He really knows how to have a good time.  We wrestle and play ball.  He even drops things when he's eating which is AWESOME!  I know he loves me too because he shows me all the time. In the morning I hear his footsteps coming down the stairs and I [...]

I Want To Be The Taste Tester But Nobody Understands Me.

    Do you know that I think I was born with an extraordinary ability in my nose that detects food? I cannot help but to follow the smell of it.  There are many different types of food that my nose leads me to but really, I’m not that picky. Cat food smells exceptionally good.  [...]

Can We Talk Cat For A Minute?

Please tell me if I’m crazy but these cats want us to chase them, right?  I mean, they stop, freeze, take a step ever so slowly and then ZOOM, they’re gone!!!  If this isn’t an invitation I don’t know what is. The problem is that I’m the one my mom calls when we’re running.  I’m [...]

Out of the Mouth of Briggs

As I was saying, I was just meeting my mom for the first time. I was so excited! Back then, I used to get this really weird feeling, kind of like my head was spinning. I think my mom saw it too because she was looking at me with a funny look on her face. [...]

My Beginning

My name is Briggs and I’m almost 5 years old. Every day is a great day for me. I guess you could describe me as a bit crazy about EVERYTHING! As far back as I can remember I felt excited about everything I saw, heard, smelled, ate, and especially people! It’s a great feeling to [...]

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