IMG_3779 (1)-1Oh my gosh…it’ been a while!  I’m not sure about yours, but the past two months were crazy in my house! Let me tell you about it.  My dad has been home with me and I LOVE HIM!  Before Thanksgiving my house was so quiet.  It was just me and my dad walks and doing projects in the house.  You know the kind I mean.  Making sure the cat bowls were nice and clean (that was my job).  Mopping the floors (with my tongue).  Making all kinds of pictures on the windows with my nose.  Catch my drift?

Just when I was getting used to my brother, Colby being gone, everything changed!  One night my mom called me downstairs and Colby jumped up from behind the chair with his arms wide open, and Daniel came home with my best friend Joba too! We started taking walks in the middle of the night, and they weren’t short walks either.  Daniel and Colby would talk up a storm.  I asked Joba if he knew what they were talking about and he said, “I gave up on trying to understand my dad a long time ago.  I just tell him what to do and he does it.  Works out just fine.”

One day my dad did something freaky too.  He started cooking early in the morning.  I didn’t question it because of the smell, oh the SMELL. I’ll never forget it….I almost couldn’t take it!  I tried to get a front row seat that day but I was told to go to my place.  I listened but I couldn’t stay there for very long, I just couldn’t!  I guess I need to be thankful that my dad is messy.  There were a lot of crumbs on the floor that day….I couldn’t be happier!

It wasn’t long before everyone walked out the door and the house was quiet again.  It was only me, my mom and my dad.  I had to get used to it again.  To really throw me off, my parents gave me my own bedroom.  Well, it’s not really my own.  It smells like Colby.  Especially his old sneakers.  I’m not so sure he should keep those around for much longer.  I like having my privacy but it’s really confusing when I’m told to go to my crate.  I keep forgetting that it’s not in the mudroom anymore.  My mom smiles, even giggles at times.  She doesn’t get mad though, she helps me.

Just when I started to adjust to it being quiet…..everyone came home again.  My brothers and Joba too!!!  Brittany came home but she didn’t come alone.  I could smell more dogs….but I couldn’t get to them.  Nobody would let me!  I get so excited and sometimes I can’t control myself.  I can feel myself start to growl.  My mom always calls my name when this happens.  My dad doesn’t really do anything.  I wonder if that’s why I got my own bedroom?

Everyone got busier and busier, and by busy I mean CRAZY!  They put a tree right in the middle of the living room.  It wasn’t just a regular tree either.  The thing had lights flashing and things hanging all over it, and a train moving around the bottom of it!  Just to let you know, I’m faster than the train.  I raced it.  My parents weren’t too happy but I had to find out.  It was like the train was calling me.

Each day got crazier and crazier.  We had candles in the windows and things on the doors that were round and flashing.  My house was blinking every night!  I’m telling you, I thought my dad was losing it a little.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, my dad started cooking in the morning again.  It smelled just as good as the time before but different.  He was slicing things and dicing things.  Things were falling all over the floor.  I had to help, I just had to.  My mouth still waters thinking about it!

Shortly after that awesome day everyone left again.  Everyone except my brother Colby, and my mom and dad of course.  Colby and I have been sharing a room.  The good news is that he got new sneakers and got rid of the old ones.  I mean really, now much can a dog’s nose take???  I’m spending my days with both my dad and my brother.  We take walks and I’ve been getting to go on a lot of car rides too.  That’s my favorite.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.  I got a new bed for my crate.  Joba got a really nice coat and so did Brittany’s dog.  I don’t like coats.  They are not comfortable.  I like to jump up in the air and flop on my back.  My mom thinks I’m gonna strangle myself.  I wouldn’t…I don’t think.  What does strangle mean anyway?

Well, I’m signing off.  Until next time 🙂