Do you know that I think I wasIMG_6327 born with an extraordinary ability in my nose that detects food? I cannot help but to follow the smell of it.  There are many different types of food that my nose leads me to but really, I’m not that picky.

Cat food smells exceptionally good.  Before my mom put a gate on the basement door, I used to sneak downstairs to where the cat food is and slurp that food up before anyone ever knew I was there.  Well….most of the time nobody knew.  Every once in a while I made too much noise galloping down the stairs and my mom would catch me.  She would yell my name but it was always too late.  That food tasted so good that I was jumping in the air for joy as my mom walked me over to my crate.  If I was lucky I’d have left over crumbs to lick off of my mouth while I was in time out.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when someone is cooking in my house I want to be the taste tester.  I try to tell them but I’m not sure how.  I figure if I show them by sitting on the floor next to the stove, they’ll figure out that I want to help.  There were a few times that I didn’t wait to be asked….I thought I’d show everyone by sampling what was on the counter.  I mean come on….there is food sitting there, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? I guess not, because that landed me in time out too.

Human food smells so good, it’s really hard for me not to want to have some.  You’d think someone would share but no….they don’t.  I’ve tried begging in many different ways.  Putting my chin on the table when everyone was eating.  That didn’t get me anything but a chin rest for about 10 seconds.  Sitting very patiently while drool dripped from the sides of my mouth didn’t work either.  I tried putting my paw on Colby’s lap and my mom told me to down.  Nothing works except waiting for someone to drop food.  That seems to be the only time I get to sample anything!

Going for walks can sometimes give me the opportunity for a good nibble.  First of all, I love all of the different smells.  When there is not snow on the ground there are all kinds of delicacies like rabbit poop, goose poop, cat poop and deer poop.  They are so delicious I can’t even explain it to you.  Especially when it’s fresh.  My mom doesn’t understand it.  I think she tries but most of the time she shakes her head, crinkles up her nose and goes “EW!”

This summer I got to try vanilla ice cream.  It is so good.  There is something about the taste that I think I’m addicted to!  I always get a cup, not a cone.  I eat the cones way too fast.  Also, if I pick up the cup in my mouth and bring it over to my mom when I’m done….it makes her really happy!

I think it’s in my nature to want to help with the things that I love to do, like EATING, TASTING, ANYTHING TO DO WITH FOOD.  <Get my drift?>  But I don’t think that my humans understand that what I’m doing is normal in my world.  As I’m getting older, I’m learning more and accepting that maybe they don’t need my help as much as I would like.  But fair is fair when you leave food on the counter and walk out of the room…..just sayin.